Phobia Questionnaire (PHQ)

13 04 2009

Please visit this link! It would provide you with information about your phobias which in the future might help you. You can also add yourselves as a fan for the application. Thanks for your considerations! Have fun!

Click this link. :D


WebDevt Requirements

28 03 2009

EX4 AS14 – Simplepie


EX5 – Poly9

AS16 – Facebook

AS17 – amChart

10 03 2009

AS9 – Buy a T-Shirt! – Mar 10, Tue

Click here!

AS10 – Popfly – Mar 10, Tue

Click here!

AS11 – Dippity for your lifestream – Mar 10, Tue

Click here!

sir, d2 ko muna post mga webdevt works ko. currently may DB error ung other wordpress kc.

WEBDEVT midterms

24 02 2009

This is my social network with the help of Pligg. If you have time to visit, please click here. Thank you!