The Manila Auto Salon is a car show sporting different kinds of customized cars. It was held at the SMX Convention Center located at Mall of Asia. It is open from November 20 to 23, and will let people in from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Different kinds of cars are present in this event, cars which are made from America, Europe, Japan, and Asia. Customized cars are the stars of the show but there are also girls that stole the show. One of their slogans fit the event perfectly. Why you ask? because one of their slogans says that “Where Everything Is Hot!”, they are accurate about this one.

Let’s divert our attention away from the girls for a while, and talk about the cars. There are tons of cars that are showing off what they have in this event. There is the rare Nissan Skyline GT-R, Porsche 911 Turbo, BMW M6, and Mitsubishi Evolution X to mention just the few who was an eye candy for me. The customization of the cars was one of a kind. Carbon Fibers were scattered almost everywhere and bass where thundering all around the place. You can really feel the vibrations from the sound systems that they have, some even have 9 amplifiers in one car. What the F is that for?! Talk about bass and sound system. The paint and bodyworks of the cars was also eye catching. Each one is unique and you will not see anything that has the same design. The variety of things are bountiful and it would take you a lot of time looking around.

There were also celebrities hanging out in the event. Unfortunately, the ones we saw were all males. Boo for us. For Morgan’s sake, they were Maverick, the guy from Maverick and Ariel, Brian Revilla, son of Bong Revilla, and Thou Reyes, the one who portrays Hugo Bosini in the show I Love Betty La Fea at ABS-CBN. How do i know this you might ask, actually I researched about it for the sake of accurate information in my post.

Well, we had a great time overall, with the help of the girls of course. C’mon what do you expect? A bunch of guys with hot cars and girls. By the way, I really think it is not a car show without the girls roaming around and posing for pictures. They compliment the cars very well that surrounds them. Well there you go, that’s what Manila Auto Salon 2008 contributed to my life.  Comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 😀