Facebook Application ( Phobia Questionnaire )

25 04 2009

Hi there, if you have a facebook account, just try to search for ” Phobia Questionnaire ” on the search engine. You would see an application there that offers a questionnaire that would tell you what phobias you might have. Try it, it’s fun and you might know more information about your phobias. The developer of the facebook application is named as Paul Ward. *That guy seems familiar* 😀



17 04 2009

Phobia Questionnaire (PHQ)

13 04 2009

Please visit this link! It would provide you with information about your phobias which in the future might help you. You can also add yourselves as a fan for the application. Thanks for your considerations! Have fun!

Click this link. :D

WebDevt Requirements

28 03 2009

EX4 AS14 – Simplepie


EX5 – Poly9

AS16 – Facebook

AS17 – amChart

24 03 2009


What 3 significant life changing realizations have you experienced in your college life?

There are different kinds of things that happened in my life during college that helped me be who I am today. These things came in different kinds of ways, from happiness to frustrations. The experiences that I gained at college helped me change physically, mentally, and spiritually. Personally, it is an advantage for me because the things that I obtained would help me in the near future after my studies where I should be independent and responsible with my actions.

The 1st significant life changing realization that I experienced in my college life is that I should be responsible. Responsibility is not new to me because ever since I was young, I am able to be responsible enough with my actions but the level of responsibility presently is something much greater than the past. The consequences that will occur with my actions weigh much heavier and much life changing nowadays compared to the past. It is much dangerous and precarious for me to fail with my responsibilities because the responsibilities that I possess nowadays will affect a lot of persons all throughout my life. I should be very careful not to waste any time regarding the responsibilities given to me.

A good example for this is the school works that are given to us by our professors. Each project or work given to us should be done as soon as possible. It should not be done a day before the submission. All works should be done as soon as it is given to maximize the time given by the professors to accomplish the work. But back a few years ago, this is my problem also. It was difficult for me to start doing the work given as soon as possible because I really like to procrastinate a lot. Procrastination pinned me to the ground and I did a lot of things first before going to work on the task at hand. It also came to a point where I was so irresponsible that I just let my group mate do all the things to finish the project. I just stood by and let my group mate give some tasks to me and let my group mate finish it with some of my help. Due to these actions, we didn’t got a good grade for the work but we passed. Ever since that situation, I started to be responsible with the things I do especially towards my studies. It helped me realize that if I don’t contribute a lot to a group work, or any other work, nothing would happen and it will result to near failure or a bad result. There was also a time where I waited for the deadline to come before working on a task. I got fond with rushing the work the night before the deadline which also resulted to low quality works or results. That is why, as soon as there is a work or project given to me, I’ll have the initiative to work on it and finish it early before the deadline for me to produce an output which is with quality.

Together with the responsibility is decision-making. Decision-making increased a notch during my college life. The outcome of my decisions will affect things on a wide area. I should be very careful with my decisions because there is always the right choice and the wrong one. But personally, I developed the mentality that if ever I would have a wrong decision, there is always a reason behind it. I learned not to be that devastated whenever I make a wrong decision, depends on the outcome though. I also learned to move on a situation when it doesn’t work for me especially when I made the wrong decision myself. Things just happen and I believe that everything happens for a reason.

The 2nd significant life changing realization that I have experienced in my college life is that I should balance everything that I do. This applies to a lot of things in my life. One part of it is between my studies and my physical well-being or health. There came a time where I was so focused on doing a lot of school works that I didn’t have the time to exercise or workout anymore. It wouldn’t be possible for me to do some exercises anymore due to the hectic schedule. This is also because I wanted to try out that what if I focused a lot to some school works and forget about others first. It was kind of an experiment but it helped me realized that I cannot focus on one goal and don’t lose ground to others. I learned how to balance things out and not to focus a full percent to one thing only. It is much ok for me to be 50 – 50% rather than 100 – 0% especially when it comes to something that will greatly affect my life. Balancing things out isn’t an easy thing to accomplish because you get to think of the possibilities between two specific things. “You can’t get the best out of two (2) worlds” as they all say.

The 3rd significant life changing realization that I have experienced in my college life is that I should always observe the teachings of God. I’m not saying that I have a perfect relationship with God, but I believe in Him and pray every day. The thing that got to me from the Benildean Core Values is the one that says “Appreciative of Individual Worth”. This has helped me give respect to others especially to those who are living their lives in a different way and maybe much difficult than mine. I learned to respect those who seem to be disgraced by others or to those who are being laughed about due to their difference. All I think about is that God has plans for them and all they have to do is to have patience.

Patience is something that I also cherish as a person. The other thing that touched my life is that all things have its own reasons even if it may be a wrong decision or not. I believe that God has His own plans for us and that all we have to do is to believe in Him and not question His will. In our part, we should also do something and not just wait for God to do all the work.

10 03 2009

AS9 – Buy a T-Shirt! – Mar 10, Tue

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AS10 – Popfly – Mar 10, Tue

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AS11 – Dippity for your lifestream – Mar 10, Tue

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WEBDEVT Requirements O0B Part 2

5 03 2009


S1 – PHP CRUD – click here!

AS2 – PHP CRUD – click here!

EX1 – PHP CRUD – click here!

AS3 – PHP CRUD AJAX – click here!

PRE1 – Google Maps API – click here!

AS4 – Google APIs – click here!

AS5 – PHP CRUD with Form Validation – click here!

X1 – Plurk API –

AS6 – Deploy Drupal – click here!

AS7 – Demonstration of a PHP Session –

ME – Social Network – click here!

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